A Good Air Cushion Puff Should Be
Jan 29,2022

Air cushion started in Korea. Its main role is concealer, sunscreen, adjusting skin color, hiding pores and creating a natural makeup effect. It is easy to be used in anywhere anytime. Therefore it becomes popular very fast all over the world. Many domestic cosmetics companies have also launched their own air cushion products.
As an important part of air cushion, air cushion puff gets more and more attention by customer because it needs to be used with product directly. In the process of using, consumers may have distrust on brand because of the defected puff but not product itself, which can cause a serious impact on product sales and brand image.
In order to popularize the knowledge and testing standards for customer, to better control the quality of air cushion puff, we sincerely invited JIAGNMEN QUEEN COSMETIC ACCESSORY CO., LTD (Q-PUFF) to organize the following data for your reference. Welcome to put forward your valuable advices in the meanwhile.


Air cushion puff is a breathable fabric that consists of a three layers structure of fabric, sponge and PU leather.
1.Fabric layer – 3 main materials:
Produced by DUKSUNG CO., LTD (KOREA), which is the main material which AMORE PACIFIC is using at present. NEOPORA is anti-bacterial, mould Proof, Benzene-free and formaldehyde-free; non-cracked, separated layer or broken corner; not absorb foundation; not out of shape; soft, washable and holds your make-up up very well on skin.
Mostly is made in China, which is soft, extensible, and washable but will absorb a lot of product very quickly.
Mostly is made in China, it is for the row-range air cushion using. It is rough on the surface, easy to crack, to break and to be separated; will pop out when it meets oily product or when wet. Not washable.

2.Sponge layer
Polyurethane, material imported from Japan or Thailand

3.PU leather layer – 2 main materials
a.KOREAN PU leather (JONES): Produced DUKSUNG CO., LTD (KOREA). Higher cost, not easy to neither edge cracks nor have faded color
b.Chinese PU leather: Lower cost, instable; edge easy to crack and color fade away

a.Korean Ribbon: Bright color
b.Chinese Ribbon: Mainly YAOMING and SANDING. There are obvious differences between Korean ribbons.


1.Firming material sheets
To Firm fabric layer, sponge layer and PU leather together with glue by rolling and then dry it with special treatment. Attention: Must use gluing process in this step; although we can speed up by using melting process, the finish product may easily separate and affect makeup effect.
2.Stamping forming
Put dry material sheets inside mold, stamping and sealing for the specific shape of puff. Attention: The sealing process is good or not, decided whether the edge of air cushion puff will crack or not.
3.Ribbon sewing, inspecting, packing and shipping.

Defective air cushion puff


The standard is created based on the standards for the detection of AMORE PACIFIC and Watsons.
Last by not least, what are the most common issues of air cushion puff How to test and how to solve?
1.Absorb too much product
Test method: The easy way is to place air cushion puff flatly in desk, drop water on the surface of fabric layer: you can tell if air cushion absorbs, water will be soaked into fabric layer, disappear really fast; if air cushion non-absorbs, then it will not. The more formal method of detection is to press air cushion puff on product 20 times and then on hand continuously, check the sponge layer: a good air cushion puff will not absorbs product through fabric layer into sponge layer not mention in PU leather.
Solution: There is only one way to solve which is, to choose the right fabric. For now, for the market it has only one material does not absorb which is NEOPORA. RUBYCELL and PU are having Vary degrees of absorption
2.PU leather cracks and color fade away
Test method: Soaking air cushion puff into 10% NaOH solution, sealed at 24 hours. A qualified air cushion will not have cracking edge and faded color.
Solution: to use Korean PU leather instead of Chinese PU leather
3.Edge easy to crack and have separated layers
Testing method: The easiest way is to put air cushion puff in boiling water at 3-5 minutes. The lower grade air cushion puff will separate easily when you gently rub it but not the qualified one, they will be the same as before.
Solution: Using gluing process instead of melting process.
4.Bacteria exceeded standard, no function of anti-bacterial, mold proof; contains phenol, fluorescent agent and so on.
Test method: usually hand it over to the third party to test then provide testing report accordingly

As a face-touching make up tool, the safety of aircushion puff is taking more and more seriously by customers.
Many cosmetics company are increasing the testing requirements for phenol, fluorescent agents, and bacterial indicators and so on in an effort to minimize and even harmless harm to the human body.

To sum up, a high-quality air cushion puff should at least meet the following requirements:
2.Non-absorb and store product
3.Pass 10% NaOH soaking test at 24 hour to ensure PU leather is not cracking or fading away
4.Finish product is not allowed to show separated layers, cracking edges and be out of shape.
5.Finish product should not included any phenol and fluorescent agents

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