From the air cushion puff to the
makeup tool kingdom
Jan 28,2021

This big net weaver is the founder of Q π - JoeJiao. In line with the belief that "A gentleman has things must be done and things must not be done", whether it is the "demanding" requirements for product quality or the "perfect match" choice for customers, he adheres to business ethics all the time. Many people are surprised. A small cosmetic tool company has gone from obscurity to flying, and what kind of entrepreneurial path has Joe led to the Q-puff?

From the very beginning of the business, Joe has always insisting one thing: QUALITY. Just as the hot spot of the current affairs--the vaccine incident, once again sounded the alarm for quality control. The beauty companies must keep the bottom line, the beauty tools must be in accordance with the rules, and every detail should not be ignored in the quality control. Q π promises that the quality of products will be improved and never be bad.

Due to the high quality requirements of the products, Q π is strict in the procurement of raw materials, choose NEOPORA fabrics, which is the same quality as the international brands such as Armani, Sulwhasoo, innisfree, Maybelline, etc. All the quality inspection requirements of all the products are equivalent to Korean Amore Company’s testing standard. For the raw materials needed for latex products and non-latex products, we import high-quality raw materials recognized by the industry from Germany, Japan and other countries at any cost. Aiming to lay a solid foundation for quality products and achieve cooperation with more well-known OEMs to build high-quality national brands.

Thus, Q π now has a number of customers who focus on quality such as WETHERM, MEIFUBAO, MARUBI, LANSUR and YUNIFANG.

Focusing on the strong strength of quality control, just in order to achieve one-step improvement in product quality. The investment in factory construction is also worth the effort. The overall area of the factory has doubled this year, reaching more than 5,000 square meters. Mr. Jiao, who seems to have a kind of obsession with the product quality requirements said: "The production environment of Q π is not only better than other factories in the same industry, but also has to create a dust-free workshop in the standard factory of cosmetics. This’s also the goal of Q π in 2 yearsz."

For scientific research and innovation, some people may query the necessity, and some people scream "innovation" slogan but act as a dwarf. Mr. Jiao believes that “most of the so-called innovative products on the market are just changing shapes. But what Q π wants to do is to create the industry's top makeup tool brand, commit to new product development, lead the industry development trend, and reject only surface innovation!”

Q π insists on the business philosophy of top products, mainly promoting the environmentally-friendly and antibacterial corn material air cushion puff, the super soft Q-PLUS makeup blender, and smooth and velvet Q-SOFT makeup blender. These three kinds of products, are comparable in quality to the international high-end famous brands, and they also lead the trend of the most front-end market, conforming to the development trend of beauty needs.
Next, Q π will gradually launch new products, so that consumers can enjoy high-quality and beautifully priced products, so that the industry can clearly understand the business philosophy of Q π, know that Q π is the spokesperson of QUALITY.

Confronted with the high demand for products from the mountains and the high quality of the products in the cosmetics market, Mr. Jiao said: “Chinese consumers are no longer short of money. What is lacking is someone who helps them to do good quality control, and choose the best product. Therefore, Q π plays the role as gate-keeper throughout the whole process.
Under the premise of ensuring the top quality of the quality, the Q π on the delivery date is also full of confidence. If we can't do it, we won't promise to the customer. Data shows, in today's domestic companies who can deliver on time, is less than 10%, but Q π can make it.

In terms of service, Q π is always the solid backing for customers. We adhering to the concept of integrity management, starting from me. If the customer is "sky", then the supplier is a solid and stable "land." Only when land provides a strong sense of security and stability, can we better serve our “blue sky”.

In the first year of the company's establishment, the total sales amount only have 3 million. In the subsequent two years (2016-2017), the sales amount reached to 18.3 million and 49 million respectively, which is doubled than before. The small target of 2020 is set to 150 million, which is expected to be completed this year. Our own brand Qπ’s products are also popular with consumers.

It is well known that π stands for infinity, which also means that Q π will create more and more large scale in the next step.
We will have more professional and extremely perfect requirements for products, aiming to creat a kingdom of makeup tools belonging to Q π. Not only to win the reputation of OEMs, but also to build a good public praise, we will set off the national banner of makeup tools, creating a Chinese brand of our own century!

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